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ISSN: 1552-7050
Thank you for choosing ouragora as an outlet for your ideas. We are eager to review your work. Please look over these submission guidelines before sending your work.

All submissions must include a short biography, a 25-35 word abstract (Note: Essay abstracts must include the argument of your paper, or topic of your research), and a photo of yourself (optional).
Essays: generally non-fiction articles on any topic of your choice; must have a consistent form of citation and include a Works Cited page; submit as Word document.

Literature: Creative arts of the written and spoken word—may be accompanied by any other art form. Send as Word Document. If your work includes audio or images, follow "Artwork" guidelines; ; submit as Word document.

Artwork: Music, pottery, painting, print-making, photography, and all arts including, but not limited to, language; include work's dimensions and medium; visual submissions must be provided as high resolution JPGs, TIFs, AIs, or EPSs; audio submissions must be provided as MP3s; video submissions must be handled on an individual basis.
Note: If your work requires any particular attention for presentation, please include instructions with your submission.

Please send us an email with your work attached: